Mobaderoon Network awarded the LIVIA Foundation prize of honor for its non-violence efforts in Syria, 2014

Peacebuilding, Understanding violence drivers & non-violence mechanisms

“Planting the seeds of non violence will flourish the roses of peace” Mobaderoon network Syrian activists.

A clear vision to the syrian activists who believe and promote non-violence as the only way of action; implementing the several non violence programmes in provinces for 2 years. Today their efforts were acknowledged, rewarded by the LIVIA Foundation with the 2014 Nonviolence prize for their efforts in the region.

LIVIA FOUNDATIOn AWARDS MOBADEROON FOR NONVIOLENCE EFFORTS IN SYRIAElse Hammerich, chairperson of the LIVIA Foundation is proud to present Mobaderoon network with the award of Nonviolence, for its Peacebuilding efforts in the region.


About the LIVIA Foundation and the LIVIA prizes

If violence is the last resort then we ought to give some attention to the second to last resort. M.K. Gandhi

Our children talking about Palestine

Aflatoun Children empoweremnt, Healing Trauma & Psychosocial Activities, Peacebuilding

Syria is the crisis of our generation the use of violence has lead to over 9,000,000 internally displaced and over 140,000 life lost.

Yesterday, in my club, a child friendly club, there were Palestinian children whom families seek refugee in our country years ago ..

We made a circle and started talking about our countries, we felt that we shared the same pains, that this war has stolen our dreams and child play, we used to play in our backyard and run faster than the birds, and now we are 10 but we are the eldest of our siblings who survived and we have to take responsibility for providing for them….

They expressed, from their beautiful faces, the children talking about Palestine and Syria .. we ended the circle with a beautiful memory from our countries, and what could be ..

Today, we made a festivity, to support the Palestinians children in sending a message from Syria along side us their brothers, the Syrian children, who share their pain today, standing united against the use of violence.

 “Don’t take away our childhood, we want to have a future.” From the children of Syria and Palestine, in Hama, Syria

When Sectarianism is understood they stood united against it!

Aflatoun Children empoweremnt, Peacebuilding

During the activity of “the problem map”, a conflict assessment tools for teenagers, where each group picks a topic to discuss in an interactive manor.

Teenagers draw a map of the conflict for a chosen topic and depict the topic and the parties involved.

One of the teenagers groups picked the topic of “Sectarianism”. They researched it, and talked so wisely about the matter, the tole it takes on individuals, groups, and its damages, effects and multiplications.

After that, the groups were so engaged that they decided to gather and send a message to the older community

No sectarianism in Syriasigned on the map of Syria.

Expressing through drawings and healing, when you work with teenagers.

Aflatoun Children empoweremnt, Healing Trauma & Psychosocial Activities

One of the activities the facilitators of the children do in the group meetings is ask the children to express emotions and learn the best way to express them.

One of the facilitators dealing with a group of traumatized children displaced from one heated area, asks the children to express “what does family mean to you?”
Taking into perspective that in this time of war, most of the children have been torn apart from their
families, the facilitator knew this subject held a lot of grieve in its folds.
Therefore she asked the children the question and left them to express their answers by drawings, they spoke and shared their sorrows and formed a circle of support “peer’s circles” a safe space where they can always talk to one another and support each other.
You can see, for our children today, family is a tree that provides sustainability, flowers and pedals, love and warmth..

“How I dropped my weapon.” Hamada a 14 year old boy

Aflatoun Children empoweremnt, Peacebuilding

A group of teenagers that mobaderoon activists work with, formed from 11th grade students living in Jaramana, rural Damascus area, where most young teenagers willingly volunteer in the army security forces and take missions in which they carry weapons and stand on the barriers that spread across the village.
In this particular club there were two boys that volunteered there, they believed they had a fight to fight an ultimate battle to protect their families. We strived to fight this spreading epidemic “recruitment for violence in a young age”.
We shared with them the children rights declaration in which children have the right to live to their ages and going to school and playing are rights. We also started discussing the book “The Killer Identities” (by Amin Maalouf) to help them understand themselves more and the concept of identities and characters. We work hard and we’ve been contacting them individually discussing more and more about the roles
they take in their society, living their childhood fully, and that protecting people is not achieved by
carrying guns but with the knowledge its youth has and making the right decisions.

In our last meeting, Hamada decided to quit the forces and follow his studies and when he grows up he will decide where he wants to be.

Murhaf didn’t leave the forces, but he asked to be moved from standing on the barriers to the first aid workers where he can provide aid to the wounded.

At the end of the day, Hamada and Murhaf are no longer violent and hostile. We became family, we gained their trust and many lives have been

p.s: the names where changed for safety issues.

“They all cheered for peace”, Sports and Peacebuilding


In Lattakieh, Syria. One of the facilitators, Majed is a national basketball player. Believing in the power of  sports to create a joint understanding, a team spirit and build trust between individuals from various backgrounds, Majed gathered a group of young basketball trainers and trained teams of children between the ages of 8-14, these teams carried the names of positive values and were trained with life skills and hours of discussions and meetings along to the basketball metaphors in training.

This creative approach was so popular, 40 young basketball players volunteered and almost 200 child  was targeted. Building coexistence between the native children of Latakieh and the refugees coming from different provinces of Syria to seek refuge in Lattakieh found success and was cheered upon by the  families of the local community And others, who cheered together for their teams: “Peace”, for the team “coexistence”, and other teams like “education”, “dialogue”, …

Youth planning for their future

Aflatoun Children empoweremnt, Leadership & Community development

In Damascus, the teenager’s group meetings, ages between 14-18, got introduced to the people of special needs with an activity that puts them in their shoes. We tied up their hands in
couples and ask them to do the basic tasks of life. The results were miraculous, no one can imagine
the challenges a disabled goes through, and the will it takes to overcome these challenges. The
teenagers expressed respect and developed a new understanding for the matter.

“Hear the children”.. In a time where everyone claims to represent the children and youth and speak for them, let us speak for ourselves

Aflatoun Children empoweremnt, Peacebuilding

In a time where violence is spreading and standing against recruitment by opting not to fight, can cause you your life, teenagers all over Syria put aside their differences and political views after three years of war and decided they had “Enough with violence”.

They cascaded together their voices to launch the “Stop weapons in Syria” campaign with well over 3000 teenagers from different backgrounds and supporters from all political views.

The campaign being run and managed by teenagers, is the first to include Syrians from different political views standing together as one against violence, marking the birth of a peace awareness among the Syrian teenagers with quotes and messages that represent the heartbreak of every Syrian like ” We may not stop war today but we will not take part of it tomorrow, we vow no to carry weapons and resolve our issues with peace.”

Translation "Enough weapons in Syria", made by the Syrian teenagers.

Translation “Enough weapons in Syria”, made by the Syrian teenagers.

Their Twitter page “Enough weapons in Syria” says:

We are Syrian teenagers 17-20 of age and we have launched this campaign, its message is “Enough weapons in Syria” a campaign for for the human rights .

A campaign for me for you, for all, that combines everyone. Our goal is to convey our voice up to the big ones and say “stop war in Syria! … Stop murder !”

In a time where everyone claims to represent the children and the Syrian youth and speak upon them, let us speak for ourselves.. let our voice be heard, us, the Syrian teenagers. The value of this campaign is that lies in our ability to hear the opinion of a group, hear our young adolescents opinion. These teenagers come from different backgrounds and affiliations, their lives were affected by the war in Syria, in all the ways the war has affected our youth, war robbed them of their dreams, their homes, and their families. War stole their right to a future, their country, a safe secure country where they can live the life of teenagers, the youth of the future. More so, over one million armed men in Syria are teenagers under the age of 20, their hearts got filled with anger, vengeance sought refuge in violence and weapon getting caught up in the cycle that produces endless death and destruction .. Today, the youth of Syria united and took a stand and said ” ENOUGH WEAPONS”. They learned from the lessons of the elders, they developed a peaceful awareness that ensures they will resolve their conflicts in a non-violent way and certainly would not take up arms to resolve their disputes. Isn’t there enough pride for us knowing that they developed this awareness, that this is the future of youth, the Syrian people. The Syrian youth said their word, their message to the world:

“We might not be able to stop the arming today, but we will shall not contribute to it tomorrow.”

Support their campaign, #enoughweapons , to deliver their voice to the elders, together we will raise a million followers that support our cause, speak against arming.

Enough_weapons_sy campaign

Enough_weapons_sy campaign

Enough_weapons_Syria campaign, designed this picture describing the case of the Syrian refugees

Enough_weapons_Syria campaign, designed this picture describing the case of the Syrian refugees.